Direct Mail


Latcham Direct has a range of digital print, continuous and cut-sheet laser, inkjet, finishing and enclosing resources that allow us to offer efficient and effective production of many direct mail formats including C4, C5, DL and self-mailers.


The success of a good project often relates to good planning.


The Latcham Direct client services team have a wealth of experience in managing campaigns and projects of all sizes and complexity.  We will support you in all key areas to deliver your project on time and within budget.

  • Data

Our data services team can work with every type of data file to do the preparation work required to personalise your mail packs.  The team use the latest document composition and formatting software to control every part of a document, including text, layout, graphics and materials.

We can also provide a free data health check to identify the quality of your data, and then carry out any cleansing requirements such as PAF, de-duplication, goneaway and deceased suppressions.

  • Printed items

If you have arranged your own printed items, we will liaise with you to ensure efficient delivery into our warehouse.  If we can help with organising print requirements we can put you in touch with our experienced print management team.  After the mailing is completed we will provide a full stock report – and can warehouse any overs until you need them next.

  • Personalisation

Latcham Direct can personalise a range of products including: letters, forms, cheques, vouchers, plastic cards, envelopes, self-mailers, payslips, labels, booklets, brochures and more.

  • Enclosing

Whether it’s fulfilled by hand, or machine, all contents are enclosed according to your sample enclosing pack.

Our equipment is fitted with camera systems that read unique OCR codes.  This enables the machine to look up specific details from a database to control all aspects of the enclosing process including:

Selective enclosing - selecting only the inserts which are required for each recipient.

Matching - various pre-personalised items can be matched in the enclosing process to ensure that they are for the correct recipient.

Document integrity checking  – a database is kept to identify the completion date / time of all documents.  The operator and any spoilt documents can be identified and the documents reproduced.

  • Mailing

Getting your mail smoothly into the postal system is one of the most crucial steps in the direct mail process.  Latcham Direct are happy to work with your chosen postal supplier or, if you have no preference, offer a free postal audit to demonstrate how you could reduce your postal costs and improve delivery times.

  • Returns management

As data decays so rapidly it is inevitable that, despite cleaning, you will continue to receive some (albeit fewer) mailing returns.  Our returns management service can physically handle your returned mail, capture the information you require, and help you remove ‘gone aways’ from your database.  We can either return or securely destroy the items for you.