Article: The route to success – our staff

Like lots of other businesses, our staff sit at the heart of our success and are instrumental in the continued growth of Latcham Direct.  But it takes a dedicated approach to management and support of our staff to make this happen.

Annual appraisals enable us to think about training and development focusing on everything from Prince 2, to Imprint & Microsoft suite to word class equipment training which has recently seen the Latcham team have specific training on our new Ricoh printer.   We also conduct staff engagement surveys every two years and consider any suggestions staff have on how we can improve the way we work.

This communication and regular staff meetings chaired by our MD, Mike Hughes offers the chance for all staff to feed back ideas to the senior management team has instigated a number of important changes all of which had continue to have a positive impact on the wider business.   Workshops have also been held to develop a set of values and beliefs, which have been integrated within the culture of the business.

What’s really interesting about Latcham Direct is the fact that so many of our staff have worked for the company in its current and past form, for many many year’s.  Customer and new staff are always struck by the longevity of a large proportion of Latcham staff and when asked why, it seems that the friendly and supportive environment is the main reason.  It is very much like one member of staff commented ‘an extended family’.  There is a very strong sense of community and respect for everyone and the important role they play within the business.


We are a social lot and love getting together whether it be for a night at the races, BBQ, Latcham sports day or the long awaited Christmas party but we do our bit for the local community and a range of charities.  During 2017 alone, we have raised over £3500.

With plans for growth,  the Latcham team will no doubt get bigger over the coming years but the culture will remain.  There will always be pride in what we do and what we deliver to customers throughout the UK.







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