Blog: Back of the net

As the new football season approaches (and it only seems like yesterday when it was last seasons’ FA Cup final), football clubs across the country are looking forward to welcoming thousands of fans from far and wide to cheer on their team.  But in a world where many fans may need to think long and hard about the cost of their annual membership, its important that football clubs and member organisations in general, consider the best way of engaging with the people that pay their subs and who want to be kept informed and made to feel valued.

Like lots of businesses, football clubs have data and some are good at making the most of this and others not so much but with the new GDPR rules on the horizon, it’s never been a better time to consider data –  making sure its compliant, managed and used properly to support campaigns that keep membership numbers up and make each and every supporter feel you are talking directly to them.

With data comes personalised print or digital communications and its amazing what can be achieved.  Not so long ago it was all about print but now print sits alongside digital solutions that are constantly developing. Through  delivering information which is specific to an individual, engagement and retention increases, a brand is better understood and in some cases costs can be reduced.

So, “they think it’s all over”………it isn’t.  There are exciting times ahead for data and communication.  It’s a question of putting in the training,  keeping your eye on the ball and keeping ahead of the ‘game’.


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