Blog: It’s all in the data

In our world data is King.  It sits at the heart of everything we do and therefore its critical that all data is good data.

Why is it important to make sure your data is in good order?

There is no doubt that having cleansed and managed data increases customer engagement throughout every stage of their relationship with you.  By ensuring you contact people with the correct information, in the right way and at the right time, enables an increase in customer acquisition and retention.

Data has to be ‘fit for purpose’ and a trusted partner like Latcham Direct, can help you through the data processing journey ensuring that de-duplication, merge and purge, name and address management, Salutation generation and data verification is understood and managed.  Data suppression also needs to be managed ensuring that you don’t contact ‘gone away’, customers who have already registered with the MPS (Mail Preference Service) or sadly passed away.

Data Management can sometimes be a complex process and procedures need to be in place to make sure raw data is turned into something that is the best it can be.  Data can then be enhanced, enabling you to make much more of the information held, personalising marketing campaigns in a strategic way to secure a greater return on your investment.

So, as we approach the summer break and think about the months ahead, perhaps it’s time to give your data some TLC, making sure its supporting your business both now and in the future and more importantly, enabling you to speak to the customers that really matter, in the right way.


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