The brief was to encourage National Trust card holders, who had recently joined or renewed but whose card had not been scanned, to visit either a local flagship property or a secondary property. The selection criteria was based on the recipient’s postcode and the properties were to be no more than 30-40 miles from the member’s home address. The mailing was targeted to 5,685 members.

The National Trust is a UK conservation charity, protecting historic places and green spaces, and opening them up for ever for everyone.


Founded in 1895, they were set up with the aim of saving our nation’s heritage and open spaces. 116 years later, they are still working hard to up hold those values


The campaign consisted of an A4 letter/coupon mailer which entitled the member to a 20% discount to be redeemed at the tea room during their visit; the coupon could be tracked by the bar code so National Trust was able to determine the response rate.

There were 11 flagship and 90 secondary properties and each property had:

  • three hi-res images (these were broken down into three subgroups – family, senior and individual).
  • two descriptions of the property
  • one QR code linking to a specific National Trust property web page.
Letters were created that used specific supplied images relating to the three membership subgroups but these images needed to be different for flagship properties vs secondary properties. The recipient database was run against a database for the flagship and secondary properties based on postcode and distance from the member’s household. The output file was then matched against a table containing images, text details and finally each selected property name was then matched to a database containing the web page URL to generate the QR code. The final data-stream was processed through XMPie/uPlan on the uProduce server, imposed output to PPML and sent to Output Manager to print on the Xerox iGen4 digital press.


Please download our case study here