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Latcham Direct works with Healthcare organisations including 10 NHS Trusts –

Servicing the patient communication requirements of several departments within each Trust including:

  • NHS Professional Membership Services
  • Cytology referral and results communication
  • Sexual Health
  • Ophthalmic
  • NHS Doctor appraisal management.

Latcham Supports

We support the Trusts by providing direct mail and patient’s communications processing for daily, weekly, monthly and annual communication programmes, sending out over 1.5 million regular packs and 1.5 million ad hoc annual campaigns per annum to patients and Healthcare professionals. Latcham is integral to the NHS Trusts in providing patient communications from list cleaning, provision of medical cards, Practice billing, sending out appointment letters, appointment reminders and test results.

The communications Latcham sends out are critical to the patients and we are responsible for securely managing the receipt and processing of large quantities of data, achieving very tight production deadlines and making sure we dispatch the patient communications accurately and on time.

Our patients’ communications solutions reduce production and postage costs to the Trusts, and are delivered using an efficient secure production facility.

Latcham has a dedicated secure N3 connection for the secure transfer of patient data, underpinned by a rigorous audit and annual data security approval processes.

Latcham has a knowledgeable client services team with specific experience of the requirements of the Healthcare sector, supported by a range of specialist in-house print and mailing facilities, which provide the Trusts with a fully integrated, robust end-to-end Patient Communications solution.

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