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To manage and produce membership mailings, consisting of over one million packs, each containing a personalised membership letter, personalised membership card and branded envelope.

To provide management reports showing the level of response and engagement with the campaign.

Background & Solution

Unite is Britain’s biggest union, dedicated to serving the best interests of its members by aiming to improve their standard of living and quality of their lives through effective relationships with employers
and Government. It has an industrial base, and represents members on a range of issues related to the workplace and outside it.

The Solution

Using sophisticated membership card technology; Latcham was able to personalise and match Unite members’ cards to personalised letters, using OCR and camera matching techniques, providing 100% matching integrity.

To further increase and measure engagement and response to the campaign, Latcham worked with Unite to enhance the existing membership pack, incorporating a trackable QR code within the pack, both on the printed items and on the plastic membership cards contained in the pack.

The QR code was used to identify visits to the Unite website, which were analysed using Google analytics.

Latcham managed the in-house production of all the printed items, which included all the laser printing, card personalisation, matching and enclosing process. Weekly management reports were provided which tracked the number of scans, the mobile device and operating software used to scan the QR code, as well as member location by country and the levels of weekly and total engagement for the whole campaign duration.


Significant benefits and member insights were provided to the client, as an evaluation of new engagement methods, and over 4,500 members engaged with the QR code to go the clients website over a three month period. Click here to download the case study.



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