Business West has helped Latcham Direct Ltd, Bristol’s leading supplier of document and print management solutions, to go green and grow its business, resulting in savings of over £10,000.

Latcham Direct
Document & print management

Latcham Direct provide document management and direct marketing services for a broad range of clients including government, private organisations and charities, from their offices in Hengrove.

The Go Green project from Business West helps businesses to save money and increase profit by showing them how to use their energy, water and raw material resources more efficiently.

Clients are shown the benefits with on-site reviews and usage analysis, as well as practical support through free of charge workshops, to help businesses make positive change.

Gaining green credentials is an excellent way to express commitment to business growth. Kevin Pembroke, Sales and Marketing Director, Latcham Direct, said: “As a family run company, it is important that we stay true to our ethos as a trusted and responsible business that our customers can rely on. Working with Business West to improve our resource efficiency, enables us to do this cost-effectively, and provide real value.”

Latcham Direct uses its green credentials to its advantage, telling suppliers and customers how it has made a difference. Kevin said: “We promote our environmental responsibilities and are proud to have recognised accreditations which demonstrate consistently high standards for quality, environment and security.” EUROPEAN UNION Investing in Your Future European Regional Development Fund 2007-13

“Go Green provided an invaluable holistic support service in all areas of improving our resource efficiency.”

The examples of how Latcham Direct has ‘gone green’ is by reducing postage costs and unnecessary printing. Kevin said: “We reduce waste by helping our customers to choose the most appropriate channel for receiving and sending communications. By incorporating a multi-channel approach, we increase response rates and customer satisfaction. Our membership of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and compliance to their best practice also reduces the amount of unwanted direct mail sent out. By cleaning and enhancing data, we target the right customers, at the right time, with the right message.”

The Go Green project has helped Latcham Direct conform to the environmental standard for direct marketing, PAS 2020. This establishes a set of environmental objectives, performance levels and indicators, so Latcham Direct can create and manage environmentally-responsible direct marketing campaigns.

Latcham Direct was introduced to Go Green via a Business West breakfast meeting. Commenting on the significance of working with Business West, Kevin said: “Go Green provided an invaluable holistic support service in all areas of improving our resource efficiency, especially in environmental accreditation. We enjoyed attending the workshops as they enabled us to make improvements straight away with a complimentary energy saving device and insight from the guest speakers.” Kevin continued: “Go Green provided invaluable guidance on running a successful business. As a small/medium sized business , areas of particular use for us include access to information about funding and grants, training initiatives and further business support.”

As part of the Go Green service, environmental advisers conducted an on-site audit at Latcham Direct and then created achievable environmental objectives which were specific to the business.

Phil Chitty, Environmental Manager, Latcham Direct, said: “The audit showed us how we could reduce our electricity and gas consumption by an incredible 10% of the total, year on year. We surpassed our expectations and actually reduced our output by 11.19%. We were particularly thrilled with the reduction of our gas usage, which fell by 28.74%.”

Go Green not only monitor resource outputs, but also implement measures for reduction. Latcham Direct was shown how to make improvements in other environmental aspects. Phil continued: “We’ve reduced electricity by 6%, as well as paper and printing waste by recycling 208 tonnes which contributed £13,000 of income to the business. These improvements helped us to win the 2012 West of England Carbon Challenge.”

Latcham Direct is considering installation of solar panels on its factory roof. This will be the largest solar installation in Bristol and sourced from and installed by local companies. This environmental improvement would offset the initial investment by generating income within 5 years. There is no doubt that by working with Go Green, Latcham Direct has significantly cut costs and improved its profit.

Go Green is part of the ‘Improving Your Resource Efficiency’ service which is co-funded by Bristol City Council and the European Regional Development Fund.

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