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Latcham has always been an avid user of the latest technology and earmarks investment for this every year, to support initiatives for ongoing expansion and development of its solutions and services. This drive to innovate is very much part of Latcham’s DNA. From its early beginnings Latcham and its predecessor Mail Marketing Group (MMG), pushed boundaries. In the 1990s MMG was seen by many as having the best hi-tech capability of any marketing and fulfilment services company, not just in the UK but in Europe. And this thirst for leading the field continues in Latcham today.

But there are some old friends who are part of the family. And this is true of our 14-station “Corniche” inserter, which has provided loyal service for the last forty years or so. Considered “Rolls Royce” technology in its time, we still use this for occasional large, heavy work which newer, fly-by-wire technology is unable to process. Looking – almost – good as new, The “Corniche” has just been repainted and continues to occupy a proud place within our production area.


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