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Here at Latcham Direct we take pride in delivering cutting edge print and direct mail solutions. So, we’ve decided to dedicate a blog to looking ahead and selecting what we consider to be the biggest print trends that are set to transform direct mail in 2018.

Although we seem to be staring at smartphones and screens every minute of our lives, never underestimate the effectiveness of physical mail. With ever increasing email spam and the rise of focused inboxes, people are increasingly avoiding reading advertising Emails, deleting them without even opening them up. Meanwhile, a survey conducted by Epsilon showed that 80% of American customers who collect and sort mail will look through it straight away*, and a study by Central Mailing Services showed that 48% of UK recipients respond to at least one Direct mail Advertisement per year*. So it’s as important as ever to deliver a well-developed and effective Direct Mail campaign.


One of the trends that’s shaking the print world right now is simplicity. Minimalism, Swiss Style, and even Digital Brutalism are in vogue, with brands opting for designs with solid, bold blocks of colour, simple layouts and punchy messages surrounded by lots of white space. With so much content and stimulus surrounding us, it’s no surprise that marketeers are moving towards designs that strip away unnecessary elements and grab your attention with large features instead.

Companies are also looking at the physical side of mail, playing around with the texture and feel of leaflets, business cards and even letters. Print is a physical medium, so experiment with the weight & feel of paper as an object and the experience of opening a letter. After all, it’s what separates physical mail from email.

Hyper – Personalisation

It’s been around for a few years now, but personalising DM campaigns is only going to get bigger in 2018. You can now realistically use data to store information on customers purchasing habits, location, and demographics, which can help you tailor a mailing with personalisation that caters to specific groups. And with new Technologies like fast colour inkjet printers coming in, it should be easier and more cost effective than ever to personalise large parts of a mailing to an individual, or to a specific group.

Augmented Reality

Another trend that looks set to take 2018 by storm is the use of AR. AR has steadily been increasing traction over the last few years, but AR apps have usually been seen more as technical demos than as fully functioning apps. However, with the success of Pokémon Go and Ikeas IKEA Place AR app, and with long awaited support on both iPhone and Android, 2018 looks to be the year that AR implementation starts to take off in a big way. Integrating AR technologies into a direct mail campaign could massively boost user interest, as well as creating organic social media buzz around the AR Experience.


Direct Mail is still an integral part of anybody’s marketing mix, and choosing a suitable partner to deliver that mail is a vital. If you want to find out more about just what can be done with direct mail, then please get in touch with us.

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