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Our resident Hybrid Mail Account Director and expert Justine Glen on the potential of Hybrid Mail to drive efficiency.

Hybrid Mail streamlines and centralises your organisation’s mailings, via software on your business’s computers, by sending them to a printing centre such as Latcham Direct.

Any organisation which produces bulk mailings will see improvements in operational efficiency with Hybrid Mail. The concept is already well known within the NHS, but is of relevance to many sectors, such as local authorities, membership organisations and charities. Hybrid Mail systems will print and fulfil your letters for you, saving you time, money, overheads and effort.

Hybrid Mail works via a print driver installed on your company’s computers. This produces a set template using the letterheads and stationery that would be part of each mail pack, in order to ensure complete consistency for all mailings. The driver also has some advanced options if needed, in order to allow you to tailor the document and choose alternative postage classes and inserts.

Once drafted, this piece of mail will be sent through to Latcham Direct via secure server, ready for printing and posting.

Increased efficiency with Hybrid Mail

There are clear and obvious cost benefits to centralising and partially outsourcing mailings. It costs approximately £1.55 for a company to produce, print and mail all of the consumables in a standard mail pack. However, with Hybrid Mail this cost is reduced to as little as 47.5p plus VAT, achieving savings of over £1 per pack. It costs the same to send just one letter or large batches – there is no minimum order. In addition, overheads are reduced by the fact that there’s no contract or tie in, as is often the case with in-house mailing equipment; you pay only for what you send.

For companies who send bulk mailings, Hybrid Mail significantly reduces the amount of time spent processing mailings. The print and post process is taken care of, faster, more efficiently, and for less money. Latcham Direct has the capacity to print and mail tens of thousands of packs per day using our secure site in Bristol.

Hybrid Mail can increase operational efficiency by enabling companies to establish exactly what their mail costs are. At Latcham Direct, many large companies tell us that they find it hard to place an exact figure on how much they spend on their mailing output to customers/supporters, as they haven’t factored in all of the different components (such as time, printing and postage costs). Hybrid Mail logs the source and type of all letters sent, which can then be used to produce reports that show usage and costs across department, organisations, and document types. These reports often highlight where the greatest costs are, and therefore where the greatest cost savings can be achieved, allowing greater control of your print and mailing costs and making it much easier to budget in the future.

Hybrid Mail also allows your mail to be digitised, archived and then sent to recipients in three different ways: as a secure email, by post, or a combination of both.

You can start with print and mail and offer your customer the opportunity to register for digital delivery. Following that, all mail can be automatically diverted to digital. In addition, a copy of all documents will be stored in a secure digital archive on our website, which can be accessed any time up to seven years after they were first created.

Different companies have different motivations for using Hybrid Mail – it could be to reduce cost, reduce time or increase your ability to track and manage your postal budget. If you’re looking to increase operational efficiency within your organisation, Hybrid Mail is a powerful tool for achieving this.

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