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Our very own Head of Marketing, Amanda Woollaston, looks back at how the marketing landscape has changed over the past 25 years.

I graduated in 1993 and as I celebrate the first 25 years of my Marketing career, it’s a good a time as any to look back and think about how much has changed.

Back then, I spent the first few years of my career stuffing thousands of envelopes. The internet and email was something that you heard about on Tomorrow’s World and was something for the future. Marketing relied on data, print campaigns, events, PR and telesales, but the importance of marketing was building momentum and was forging the foundations for the beast it is today.

I was lucky. I had the best ‘apprenticeship’ at Deloitte where theory was put into practice and I really learnt the tools of my trade. The traditional marketing skills and knowledge I picked up during those first five years have been instrumental in my career and although Marketing has changed with the advent of social and digital marketing, good planning, brand management, data and creativity are traits that stand the test of time.

Skip forward to 2018. Whats refreshing is that Marketing has become a fundamental part of many businesses and is not just perceived to be a cost. It supports the long term aspirations of the business, using a range of channels that are constantly evolving and becoming stronger. There are now so many more strings to the marketeers bow.

But here are some fundamental bits and pieces that I learnt 25 years ago that are still very much relevant now. Data is everything. Without good data and a useful mechanism to manage and use it, the marketing effort will flounder at the first hurdle.

Planning and strategy sits at the very heart of any marketing department. Strategic marketing, understanding your brand, your audience and culture reaps rewards whichever channels you use. Creativity will always mean your brand is alive and constantly evolving.

It’s been interesting over the past year since I joined Latcham Direct, to be part of a business that helps customers to make their own campaigns come to life. We work with customers to increase engagement, making the most of their brand and data to deliver campaigns across channels that make a difference.

Data and print is a fundamental part of what we offer our customers and it ‘s great to know that what was important then is important now.

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