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Latcham Direct – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updated Statement to Customers-28/05/2020

Read our guidelines on how we’re staying Covid-secure here and how we’re applying our social distancing measures here.

The situation and government advice regarding coronavirus are changing rapidly and at Latcham Direct we continue to review the most up to date guidance provided by Public Health England and
The Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy “COVID-19: guidance for employees, employers and businesses.” Information can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/topicalevents/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-response

Following the global outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) Latcham Direct implemented a Coronavirus Management Team (CMT) which has been closely monitoring the situation and the
guidance being provided by the government via GOV.UK. The health and welfare of our staff, visitors and customers is our first priority, closely followed by maintaining the continuity of our business operations.


As a result of the changing commercial picture within the UK, we have now completed an initial financial assessment based upon our revised trading forecast to the end of this year. We have
assumed a six-month period of disruption due to the COVID Crisis and have in turn ensured that we have adequate funds with reasonable headroom to trade through this period and into a strong last quarter of 2020. We are pleased to confirm that the Latcham Direct business will continue to operate and deliver an essential communication service to our customers. We are in a strong
position with contingent plans in place to secure the long-term sustainability of our business during this challenging time.

To ensure we are able to continue to provide essential services during this period, we are now adopting a priority requirement process for all customer requests. This process will highlight those
customer communications that are essential to support the national interest in managing this crisis and ensure they are allocated the production capacity on a priority basis accordingly.
Within this priority based production environment, it is still our intention to support our wider customer base with their needs and therefore we request that all customers keep discussing their
requirements with their Latcham Direct contacts, in order that we can schedule all work in a timely and transparent manner.

We are confident that all of our customers will appreciate and support our priority scheduling for essential communications and will work with us to set production timescales for other
communications on a flexible basis.


Visitors to Latcham’s Facilities Customers, Suppliers and other visitors are being asked to avoid visiting our sites and to use remote meeting facilities such as GoToMeeting instead. Those who do need to attend our sites for essential work and meetings will be asked if they have recently returned from “higher risk” areas (as per Public Health England guidance) within the last 14 days and if they have coronavirus symptoms. This may cause some delay when arriving and accessing the site and we would ask for your support and patience.

Anyone who has been to a high-risk area or who is feeling unwell, will not be allowed to enter the site. Any meeting with visitors will be held within our meeting room facilities and we will avoid any further access to the site unless absolutely necessary.

Infection Minimisation Measures

Infection minimisation measures have been implemented as instructed by the Public Health England, including but not limited to hand-washing, enhanced surface cleaning, cough etiquette, social
distancing and ventilation. Members of our staff who have Coronavirus symptoms have been instructed not to attend work and to self-isolate and to consult with our HR team by telephone who will provide them with the most up to date guidance. The company is also observing the government guidance regarding sick pay.

The company has introduced the following measures: segregation of teams and individuals where practicable through the use of home working, re-arranging the work place to increase social
distancing between teams and individuals, reduction of traffic in and around the site, provision of a break between shifts, reduction of the number of people gathering in communal facilities such as kitchens and toilets at any one time by staggering breaks. All of these measures are intended to reduce the number of staff who will be affected in the event of one or more employees contracting


Postal Services have been classified as an essential service by the government and therefore Latcham Direct is taking steps to maintain business services during the Coronavirus Crisis.
We have carried out a risk assessment of key services and roles which are essential to maintaining our services should an outbreak occur, together with people who have transferrable skills and are
therefore able to work across other functions. Many of our staff are cross-trained to carry out multiple duties such as operating multiple pieces of equipment.
We are extending the option to work from home for our office staff where appropriate and eliminating all unnecessary travel. Greater use will also be made of virtual meetings and customers
and suppliers may be asked to participate in these as an alternative to face-to-face meetings. Minimisation of business/economic disruptions, including possible shortages of supplies
All print and postal services can be fulfilled at our Bristol production site in Hengrove. In the lead-up to Brexit we built up supply chain stocks of inks, papers and production consumables in order to ensure continuity of production in the event of a supply chain blockage or failure. We have reviewed these levels of consumables and placed further orders to ensure a minimum of 2
month’s supply of leading stock items.
The company is taking steps to reduce the risk of impact to the business as a result of Coronavirus and to continue to provide services during this difficult period which may continue for some time
with current estimates being 14 weeks.

Workplace closure

Latcham Direct is not planning any closures as we continue to provide essential postal services.


We anticipate that this document will be amended and updated as the situation on the ground changes.
If you require any further information, or would like to provide us with any feedback, please contact your Account Manager or Account Director.

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