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By popular demand, Latcham Direct has given all of our staff 2 face masks each.

Following requests from our employees for face masks, Latcham Direct has managed to quickly source the materials for and create over 200 face masks. These materials were paid for by Latcham Direct and donated to our Client Services Administrator, Grace Mwilima, who donated her time and effort to create the masks. Grace studied Fashion, Design and Textiles at university, and these skills really shine through in these colourful, expertly crafted masks. 

Grace and her mother have been hard at work, making over 200 masks in total and managing to make 30-50 masks a day on top of Grace’s normal work here at Latcham. Grace used chitenge fabric, a fabric specific to Zambia, for the outer lining. Chitenge is a durable, versatile fabric that is decorated using batik – a traditional wax-resistant dyeing technique that creates large, colourful prints. The inner lining is made from calico, meaning these masks are 100% cotton.

Grace and her mother created two types of mask for each staff member: a pleated mask, and a mask with a pocket at the front that allows for the insertion of a simple disposable filter, such as kitchen paper or a coffee filter, known as the K Kwong mask. Both are washable and reusable, allowing all of our staff members to have a mask for work and a spare at all times.

A big thanks to the management at Latcham for donating the money and materials for these masks, and to Grace and her mother for their time and effort for making them.

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