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Latcham Direct has many years’ experience of working with utilities companies throughout the UK including one of the ‘top six’ dual fuel suppliers and the largest electricity distributors in the UK.

Whether it be gas, electricity, dual fuel, water, alternative energy, mobile, broadband or telephone, we can transform customer communications through highly personalised and targeted content that increases engagement, reduces costs and improves efficiency whilst ensuring compliance with security, regulatory, service & environmental standards.


Our service focuses on both traditional print and mail services as well as digital communications and regardless of the service being used, our data management team takes responsibility for ensuring data compliance and security at all times.

We pride ourselves on delivering cost effective solutions without compromising quality and have a market leading experienced team that strive to deliver a seamless service ensuring our utilities customers receive the best level of service.

Latcham have been engaging with the water sector for the past year as members of British Water and are keen to share their experience of creating and delivering innovative customer communication & fulfilment solutions to the gas and electricity sector as an Achilles Approved Supplier.

For water industry clients, adapting to the challenges and opportunities of the deregulated business market means customer service and innovation has never been more important. Similarly, with SIM scores having the potential to directly affect OFWAT’s approach to PR19, overcoming issues and establishing customer service excellence whilst maintaining compliance will be key to the upcoming price review.

Latcham have a proven track record of developing and delivering bespoke solutions which could help water companies achieve significant savings in TOTEX regardless of the AMP cycle.

Our service focuses on:

Secure Document Fulfilment

  • Daily fulfilment of contracts, billing, payment, vouchers and other correspondence
  • Digital document archiving
  • Secure customer self-serve web portal
  • Full tracking and audit.

Marketing Communications

  • Highly personalised digital print, mail, email and web delivery
  • Direct marketing & campaign delivery
  • Full analytics across all stages of your campaign & customer lifecycle
  • Scalable from daily just-in-time requirement through to larger complex campaigns
  • Integrated Cross Media customer communications platform.

Print Solutions

  • Sophisticated data processing to cleanse and enhance your data
  • Highly personalised branding, imagery, charting, mapping, graphics and text across all media
  • Payroll & cheques
  • Digital print and creative services
  • Postal management
  • Print Solutions
  • Warehouse, daily call offs and fulfilment.

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Latcham is proud to have internationally recognised accreditations – which demonstrate consistently high standards in:

Quality management – ISO 9001
Management of information security – ISO 27001
Environmental management – ISO 14001.

With an added accreditation from the Cheque and Credit Clearing Company (C&CCC, formerly APACS), customers can be assured that their business, from start to delivery, is conducted and completed efficiently within a secure production facility.

Experts in digital, print

& marketing services

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Marketing Communications

  • Direct Mail
  • Personalised Digital Print
  • Finishing & Enclosing
  • Integrated Mobile, E-mail and Web
  • List & Data Processing
  • Personalised Membership & Loyalty Cards
  • Pick, Pack and Product Fulfilment
  • Campaign Management
  • Postal Management

Secure Document Fulfilment

  • Policy Documents
  • Contracts
  • Council Tax Billing
  • Ballots, Elections and IER
  • HR/Payroll
  • Cheques & Vouchers
  • Billing & Statements
  • Investment & Shareholder Communications
  • Digital Archiving and E-delivery
  • Full Tracking and Audit
  • Secure ISO 27001 Data Storage and Warehousing

Print Management

  • Full Range of Print Services
  • Creative Services
  • Stock Management
  • Detailed Reporting & Analysis
  • Dedicated Print Management Team
  • Web-to-Print
  • Hybrid Mail
  • Warehouse, Daily Call-Offs and Fulfilment
  • Postal Management

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