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Our Data Processing service uses your data to deliver personalised customer communication and rely on having clean and accurate data that complies with regulations like GDPR and industry best practice.

We have an experienced team of data processors and developers who are currently manipulating over one million records daily on behalf of national blue chip companies. We can help you use your data effectively and ensure it is clean and compliant.

What is data processing?

 ‘Carrying out operations on data, to retrieve, transform, or classify information’ – essentially translating your data into usable information. In the case of customer data, this can also mean auditing data quality and cleansing databases – in turn, reducing wasted materials being sent to incorrect addresses.

Using the latest processing and composition tools to control every part of a document, our experienced data services team can handle help personalise your mail packs, as an example. We also provide a free data health check to identify the quality of your data and help you to cleanse it.

We can help you ensure that your data is clean and compliant with industry best practice and legislation including GDPR legislation that comes into effect in May 2018.

Benefits of data processing

Effective data processing has a huge range of benefits, the majority of which can represent significant sums of money if data is not processed correctly:

  • Avoid fines and sanctions
  • Comply with GDPR and privacy regulations
  • Reduce wastage
  • Reliable personalisation of marketing materials

For more information download a copy of our new Data Security / GDPR brochure by clicking here.

Speak to a member of our sales team to find out more.  Call 0117 3118200 or email marketing@latchamdirect.co.uk.

Our data services include:

Data Processing for Membership Organisations

How can you communicate with members effectively if you don’t have clean and accurate data? With the advent of strict regulations, like GDPR, the way you gather and store that information is also of critical importance. Make sure you have useful, usable data that’s handled in line with all laws and regulations, with the help of our experts.

Data Processing for Local Authorities

Keeping up to date with everyone in your database can be a chore, and ensuring that data is not only kept current and accurate, but also complies with GDPR and other regulations, requires robust data processing and cleansing activities, on an ongoing basis. Keep your databases accurate, secure, and protected.

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