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If a document is no longer in active use, but you need to keep it for reference or compliance purposes, it can be archived. Traditionally document archiving meant shipping documents away to be stored in a warehouse. Luckily, digital archiving means it’s now easy to store documents safely and securely.

What is Document Archiving?

Document archiving involves storing documents so that they are not in constantly-accessed files, but are still available whenever they’re needed. Using modern technology, printed and paper documents can be stored electronically, saving the space and cost of an archival facility.

Our powerful document archiving software allows us to create PDF versions of printed documents, which are stored and accessed either through client-specific enterprise logins, or via a secure customer portal, depending on who needs to retrieve the documents in question.

You are then able to log into the secure document portal, search, view and remotely print documents held in the archive, whenever you need access to them.

Document Scanning Services

If you need to keep a historical record of documents that are no longer in active use but may need to be accessed in the future, digital document archiving is a cost-effective solution, which we achieve through document scanning and archival.

Documents that you need to retain but not access constantly could be anything, but often include:

  • Insurance policies
  • Utility contracts
  • E-payroll records

Secure Data Hosting

Archiving documents electronically means you need to be sure that they are stored securely, to protect your data and your business. Our secure hosting solutions conform to ISO 27001 information security management standards, and to date we have over 150 million documents  safely stored in our secure archive.

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Document Archiving for Financial Services

As you know, retaining documents is of vital importance in financial matters, with strict regulations on how long certain documents must be kept. In the event of an audit, having your documents not only safely archived, but available and searchable digitally, will save time and protect your business from non-compliance or regulatory sanctions.

Document Archiving for Local Authorities

With so many items of paperwork generated and received by Local Authorities every single day, maintaining an efficient document archiving process is the ideal way to ensure all those items are safely stored and easily retrieved as and when they may be required. Store everything from bills and benefit statements to internal payroll and personnel details.

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