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Our Hybrid Mail solution uses next-generation print and mail management software from Publisure  https://www.publisure.com/, in order to centralise the printing and fulfilment of documents. This means we can pass on significant cost savings through bulk postal discounts and reduced operational costs as well as support increased productivity and document security.

You only pay for the number of documents that are actually processed through the system; that way there are no upfront software costs and you can start saving straight away so how does it work?

When letters are created they are printed and Desk to Mail automatically collects, checks, sorts and prepares the mails for centralised production.  Once in the correct format Desk to Mail securely sends mail to be processed by our centralised production facility. Letters can even be sent as emails if this is the preference of your customer.

The solution allows you to track exactly where each mailing is in the printing and delivery process. It then reports the status back to the sender as well as compiling the data into management reports.

For more information Hybrid Mail and how it can achieve cost and time efficiencies for your business contact:

Justine Glen, Account Director or Mark Skirton, Business Development Manager on 0117 311 8200.

The Top Ten benefits of Hybrid Mail

  1. If you are an organisation with multiple departments or locations, Hybrid Mail enables you to have a set structure of document and templates that can be used by everyone, ensuring consistency
  2. Documents can be uploaded, printed and mailed on the same day
  3. There is no need for a costly of lengthy installation. All that’s required is a print driver
  4. There are also no set up charges and customers can take advantage of cost savings (sometimes over 60%) on print and mailing costs.
  5. There is no need to pre-print stationery
  6. It’s user-friendly making it a time and cost effective print solution
  7. Print quality is increased by using our state-of-the-art digital print technology
  8. Hybrid Mail provides added functionality including recall, detailed billing and archiving
  9. The system includes postal address validation
  10. It can reduce your carbon footprint, sometimes by up to 80%

Speak to Justine Glen or Mark Skirton to find out more about how Hybrid Mail can achieve cost savings for oyur organisation.  Call 0117 3118200 or email marketing@latchamdirect.co.uk.

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