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Save money on your postal services and minimise your postage costs. If you want to reduce shipping costs, improve your postal options and bring down the cost of direct mail, Postal Optimisation is the answer. Navigating your way around the postal market can be complex, but we can help you get the best price for your delivery requirements.

What is Postal Optimisation?

Postal Optimisation is a way to increase the efficiency of your campaigns and postal requirements, and make sure your direct mail is getting out as quickly, simply, and cheaply as possible.

We manage all the administration – from ensuring manifests, labels and reports are correct to finding the cheapest postal options for you. We check the charges from different providers and select the best.

Then we make sure collection and delivery is seamless. Everything is taken care of, so you not only save money, you save time too.

Our suppliers include: Secured Mail and Mailmark. For international post we tend to use; SpringMail Handling International & Deutschepost).

What are the benefits of Postal Optimisation?

  • Keep costs down
  • Increase efficiency and reduce administration
  • Streamlined direct mail service
  • Save money compared to Royal Mail business postage
  • Monitor service levels

Postal Optimisation Services

Our postal optimisation service focuses on the following core areas:

  • Storage, Call Off & Dispatch
  • Postal audit helping you to save money and look at a range of postal options
  • Postal sorting and pack optimisation
  • Service level monitoring
  • Postal administration
  • Returns

Speak to a member of our sales team to find out more.  Call 0117 3118200 or email marketing@latchamdirect.co.uk.

Postal Optimisation for Charities

Direct mail is a popular and effective fundraising tactic for many charities, but the cost of running a campaign needs to be carefully managed. Reducing postage costs for charities allows you to send more letters or divert funds to other areas. Postal optimisation allows you to better manage your direct mail budget.

Postal Optimisation for Healthcare

The volume of reminders, appointment letters, follow up letters and NPS reminders is a significant cost centre for healthcare providers. Reducing admin and postal costs, while being able to carefully monitor service levels, is a huge benefit of postal optimisation.

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