Our Charity Solutions

Latcham provide a full range of award winning personalised communication solutions to help charities acquire new donors and improve communication with, and retain current donors.


We can do your charity daily print and mail fulfilment including sponsorship and subscription packs
With our cross media tools and software solutions we are able to provide full management reports on your cross media campaigns. Our response analytics allows marketers to view their campaign metrics via a web browser in real time and on any device. This enables campaign decisions to be made in the light of accurate live data.
We can integrate full personalisation across mail, email, SMS and web through personalised URLs; this is a fully trackable web address unique to an individual directing them to a personalised landing page. This enables you to use the information that you have about those individuals to deliver relevant and targeted content, resulting in enhanced engagement and higher responses to your campaigns. We use sophisticated document composition software, Adobe InDesign and XMPie uCreate, to create and deliver dynamic content rich, one to one customer communication. Our composition software combines rich customer data, variable images, variable text and marketing copy, variable pages, and variable charts and graphs to create highly personalised documents tailored for each individual recipient. This software allows us to re-purpose the document designs to suit delivery across various online and mobile channels; this benefits the consumer, who receives a highly personalised message via their channel of choice.
Our digital print and hand enclosing facility can provide just-in-time daily fulfilment of complex mailing, some of which may be too small to machine enclose. We have a large 10,000sq ft hand fulfilment department with skilled full time staff who are used to dealing with complex work. A full time quality controller carries out regular checks and ensures that an audit trail is maintained. Latcham Direct has a dedicate onsite secure warehouse with a capacity of 3,000 pallet spaces which is used for storage for pick & pack services. We also offer pick & pack services through Web2Print where you can order the stored stock through through the online service.
We are able to personalise a range of membership, affinity and loyalty cards, using a thermal, inkjet, and laser card printing technology on a wide range of materials. Personalised cards are then tipped and matched with a personalised letter using the latest high speed tipping and inline camera matching technology to deliver 100% integrity. Shorter, daily runs can be tipped and matched by our experienced hand packing team.
Our integrated response analytics solution allows you to view your campaign metrics via a secure and tailored web portal in real time and on any device. This enables campaign decisions to be made in the light of accurate live data.


Consistent personalised messaging across multiple channels from a single data and content management platform.

Delivery consistent branding from our integrated content management platform.

Enhance user engagement throughout your multistage campaign to maximise response and conversion rates.

Integration of all media channels from one platform.

Real time response analytics allows you to make quick decisions to refine your ongoing campaigns.

Reduce costs and simplified management

Maximise your return on investment.