Cross Media Marketing Solutions


Latcham is the Xerox Premier Partner 2013 Best of the Best Global Award Winner for Cross Media. Latcham delivers fully integrated cross media campaigns using leading edge marketing technology.


At Latcham, we use the most sophisticated document, email and web design software XMPie Cross Media Suite.
The use of one cross media platform allows us to deliver and integrate multi stage, multi-channel campaigns which provides personalised messaging across print, web pages, emails, SMS and social media communications. Xmpie uses a shared database structure which is maintained through a campaign and is updated with response information to provide advance analytics.

XMPie integrates the power of Adobe Creative Suite with variable data to allow designers the maximum creativity and marketing power of one-to-one personalisation. The benefits of XMPie include:

  • Harnessing the full creative power of InDesign, adding variable data for a full, highly-creative personalised solution
  • Creating one-to-one marketing campaigns that span print, email, web and mobile platforms
  • Adding personalised, design-rich, data-driven graphs and charts
  • Embedding text within images, personalised for each recipient
  • Speedy response to market, helping clients get their message through quickly and efficiently, irrespective of the channel
  • Repurposing current print documents to include personalisation, adding value and increasing response rates
  • Offering one-to-one, integrated cross media campaigns
  • Integrating the familiarity of Adobe Creative Suite with other development tools to enrich the user experience.


With our cross media tools and software solutions we are able to provide full management reports on your cross media campaigns. Our response analytics allows marketers to view their campaign metrics via a web browser in real time and on any device. This enables campaign decisions to be made in the light of accurate live data.
We are able to design, develop and manage mobile apps and integrate them with our cross media platform to deliver a true end to end service.
We can integrate SMS as part of your cross media marketing solutions, from personalised and dynamic to the set up and management of bulk SMS triggered campaigns.

Latcham manage email campaigns, where trigger-marketing techniques drive high response levels.  Latcham follows industry best practice for the design, structure and broadcasting of email campaigns to protect brand reputation.

Using Adobe Dreamweaver and XMPie we are able to design HTML templates with rich variable data driven content to create personalised, relevant, and engaging email messages.

Latcham can integrate personalised URLs into your direct mail or email communications; this is a fully trackable web address unique to an individual. 

This enables you to use the information that you have about those individuals to deliver relevant and targeted content, resulting in enhanced engagement and higher responses to your campaigns.

We can integrated surveys and documents online and in mobile responsive formats for the user to complete at their convenience.
We can repurpose bills and present them in an online environment, allowing the customer to print at their convenience and with the added benefit of reducing the cost of sending paper bills.
Our integrated response analytics solution allows you to view your campaign metrics via a secure and tailored web portal in real time and on any device. This enables campaign decisions to be made in the light of accurate live data.

Latcham has the experience and capabilities to deliver award winning direct marketing campaigns. We have invested in the latest cross media technology to deliver highly targeted and presonalised content across your print, post, email, web and social media requirements. Whatever the scale and complexity of your marketing campaign, we have the resources to help you maximise your response rates and return on investment

Please see further details of our print and direct marketing services under digital print solutions in this website.


Consistent personalised messaging across multiple channels from a single data and content management platform.

Delivery consistent branding from our integrated content management platform.

Enhance user engagement throughout your multistage campaign to maximise response and conversion rates.

Integration of all media channels from one platform.

Real time response analytics allows you to make quick decisions to refine your ongoing campaigns.

Reduce costs and simplified management

Maximise your return on investment.