Direct Marketing


Latcham has the experience and capabilities to deliver award winning direct marketing campaigns. We have invested in the latest cross media technology to deliver highly targeted and personalised content across your print, post, email, web and social media requirements. Whatever the scale and complexity of your marketing campaign, we have the resources to help you maximise your response rates and return on marketing investment.


Latcham employ experienced professional direct mail and print management services teams, and we appoint a team member to manage all aspects of the campaign, including budget management, cost control, project deliverability and service levels.
Creating personalised communications is only part of the battle. Making sure the data is ‘fit for purpose’ is also crucial to delivering communications that deliver maximum responses and return on marketing investment and comply with legislation. Latcham can carry out an expensive range of data processing services including the following de-duplication, merge and purge, name and address management, salutation generation and data verification.
Latcham is able to remove or suppress people and businesses known to have ‘gone away’, by comparing the database with a number of national databases suppressions services including the following; NCOA, mortality, address validation, PAF and the Mailing Preference Service. Latcham can apply complex matching routines to your data to identify actual, and likely duplicate customer records. This works at an individual surname or household level with the degree of matching adjusted to suit specific requirements. We can also maintain your own suppression files and apply these to each of your marketing campaigns.
Latcham can enhance your data to add additional fields derived from lookup tables. By example, we could find the local branch from your customers address details and then add personalised maps to your promotional materials.

At Latcham, we use the most sophisticated document, email and web design software – XMPie Cross Media Suite.
The use of one cross media platform allows us to deliver and integrate multi stage, multi-channel campaigns which provides personalised messaging across print, web pages, emails, SMS and social media communications. Xmpie uses a shared database structure which is maintained through a campaign and is updated with response information to provide advance analytics.

XMPie integrates the power of Adobe Creative Suite with variable data to allow designers the maximum creativity and marketing power of one-to-one personalisation. The benefits of XMPie include:

  • Harnessing the full creative power of InDesign, adding variable data for a full, highly-creative personalised solution
  • Creating one-to-one marketing campaigns that span print, email, web and mobile platforms
  • Adding personalised, design-rich, data-driven graphs and charts
  • Embedding text within images, personalised for each recipient
  • Increasing speed to market, helping clients get their message through quickly and efficiently, irrespective of the channel
  • Repurposing current print documents to include personalisation, adding value and increasing response rates
  • Offering one-to-one, integrated cross media campaigns
  • Integrating the familiarity of Adobe Creative Suite with other development tools to enrich the user experience.

We use sophisticated document composition software, Adobe InDesign and XMPie uCreate, to create and deliver dynamic, content rich one to one customer communication.

Our composition software combines rich customer data, variable images, variable text and marketing copy, variable pages, and variable charts and graphs to create highly personalised documents tailored for each individual recipient.

Latcham manages email campaigns, where trigger-marketing techniques drive high response levels. Latcham follows industry best practice for the design, structure and broadcasting of email campaigns to protect brand reputation. Using Adobe Dreamweaver and XMPie we are able to design HTML templates with rich variable data driven content to create personalised, relevant, and engaging email messages.

You can be assured that the security of your data is upheld.  Our premises are maintained to a high security level and monitored 24/7.

Your data will be held within a segregated and secure environment. Access is restricted and monitored by a sophisticated suit of physical and IT security measures.

Restrictions are enforced in accordance with best practice and legislation.

Latcham is a leading digital print provider delivering on demand, highly personalised, high quality digital print across a wide range of formats;

Please see the Digital Print section of our website for more information.

We are able to personalise a range of membership, affinity and loyalty cards, using a thermal, inkjet, and laser card printing technology on a wide range of materials.

Personalised cards are then subsequently tipped and matched with a personalised carrier (such as letters) using high speed tipping line camera technology for delivering 100% integrity

Shorter, daily runs can be tipped and matched by our experienced hand packing team.

We are able to personalise outer envelopes either in-line utilising our read and print enclosing technology, or off-line.

In-line envelope personalisation uses cameras on the enclosing line to read a unique ID on the letterhead and then uses this to look up the name, address and marketing strap line and then ink jets all of these on the outer envelope to provide 100% integrity. This is the most efficient way to fulfil high volume machine enclosable mail.

Alternatively we can also personalise envelopes using offline laser or inkjet printing and then enclose by hand or short run machinery.

At Latcham, we use the most sophisticated document, email and web design software – XMPie Cross Media Suite.

The use of one cross media platform allows us to deliver and integrate multi stage, multi-channel campaigns which provide personalised messaging across print, web pages, emails, SMS and social media communications. Xmpie uses a shared database structure which is maintained through a campaign and is updated with response information to provide advance analytics.

Please find more details of our cross media solution under the cross media marketing solutions section of this website.
With the latest finishing and enclosing facilities, Latcham offers a wide range of finishing options, from folding, bursting, gluing, cutting and hand assembly. We offer the flexibility of specialist finishing formats if required.

We have a fully equipped machine enclosing facility with a range of machines to cover all sizes and run lengths.

All contents are enclosed according to your pack matrix. 

Much of our equipment is fitted with camera systems that read unique OCR codes enabling the machine to look up specific database details to control the entire enclosing process including selective enclosing, selecting only the inserts which are required for each recipient. 

We can also match various pre-personalised items in the enclosing process to ensure pack integrity.

Two of our enclosing machines include in-line integrated envelope personalisation systems.

Our digital print and hand enclosing facility can provide just-in-time daily fulfilment of complex mailing, some of which may be to small to machine enclose.

We have a large 10,000sq ft hand fulfilment department with skilled full time staff who are used to dealing with complex work. A full time quality controller carries out regular checks and ensures that an audit trail is maintained.

Using our specialist Hunckler finishing equipment, we are able to produce a diverse range of self-mailers, including plastic cards and integrated tear out labels. This provides an extra dimension to your campaigns.

We have 23,000 sq.ft. of secure warehousing space, which can hold 2,800 individual location-coded pallets of stock. With security perimeter fencing, card controlled entry gates and turnstiles, 24/7 internal and external CCTV monitoring, we are confident that our high security levels will comply with the most stringent industry requirements.

In addition with have further segregated bulk storage and strong room, safe storage for security print items such as vouchers, cheques, certificates etc. which is located within our secure production unit.

We manage a wide range of specialist print requirements on behalf of our clients, which includes; litho, envelope printing, signage, wide format and promotional items.

Please find more details of our print management solutions from the solution menu of this website.

Getting your mail smoothly into the postal system is a crucial step. We will work with your chosen supplier or, if you have no preference, offer a free postal audit to demonstrate how to reduce costs and improve delivery times. Link to postal solutions

Please find more details of our postal solutions under postal services in the solutions section of this website.


Latcham's integrated cross media technology deliver highly personalised and targeted marketing content.

Wide range of formats to suit even the most challenging creative requirements.

Inhouse team of experts to help you plan and project manage your marketing campaigns.