Transaction Communications


Latcham can be trusted to handle your sensitive business critical communications to agreed services levels.


Every day we deliver a wide range of applications such as insurance policies, utility contracts, investment statements, invoices, cheques, patient communication, and membership cards.


Our customers are subject to strict legislative compliance and standards and we have invested in technology and have high skilled staff which combine to ensure that we continually meet high services levels requirement, day-in day-out.


We handle regular data transactions to meet the needs of your business, and our specialist fulfilment division is equipped to handle multi frequency campaigns, offering scalability to meet peaks in demand and increased volumes.
No two clients are the same and many work with multiple systems with their own unique output. We securely integrate with all platforms to transfer your data / print output from your systems to ours. We will work with your IT teams to facilitate the correct solution for your business requirements.
To find out more about our extensive data processing services click here.
We have the latest digital printing, finishing and enclosing facilities that can produce a wide range of formats including letters, forms, cheques, vouchers, plastic cards, self-mailers, pay slips, labels, booklets, brochures and much more.
Our digital print and hand enclosing facility can provide just-in-time daily fulfilment of complex mailing, some of which may be too small to machine enclose. We have a large 10,000sq ft hand fulfilment department with skilled full time staff who are used to dealing with complex work. A full time quality controller carries out regular checks and ensures that an audit trail is maintained.
With the latest finishing and enclosing facilities, Latcham offers a wide range of finishing options, from folding, bursting, gluing, cutting and hand assembly. We offer the flexibility of specialist finishing formats if required.
We have 23,000 sq.ft. of secure warehousing space, which can hold 2,800 individual location-coded pallets of stock. With security perimeter fencing, card controlled entry gates and turnstiles, 24/7 internal and external CCTV monitoring, we are confident that our high security levels will comply with the most stringent industry requirements. In addition we have further segregated bulk storage and strong room, safe storage for security print items such as vouchers, cheques, certificates etc. which is located within our secure production unit.
With unique document identification and scanning throughout the production process, we are able to track and audit items for quality and integrity. Spoilt items can either be returned to you, or securely disposed of according to our audited and documented disposal procedures.
Latcham has integrated document composition workflow with our powerful archiving solution. This solution allows us to create an exact PDF rendition of your customers’ printed documents including insurance policies, utility contracts, e-payroll and other documents required to be electronically archived for compliance or customer service activity. Once stored, these documents can be made available to contact centres, agents and customers, either through client specific enterprise logins, or via a secure customer portal. Customers are able to log into the secure document portal, search, view and remotely print their documents held on the archive. To date we have around 17 million documents stored in our secure archive and our solutions conform to ISO 27001 information security management standards.
We have an e-delivery solution which is being used by our customers to offer delivery of documents by email, or notification via email and collection of documents from our secure online document archiving solution (see above). Consumers are increasingly choosing to read communication on a wide range of devices, and our technology is responsive to ensure that your communication is delivered in a professional manager. We maintain an audit trail of all documents which are delivered, and when using our online archive we can also track if and when a customer opened documents. In the event that your customers do not open documents online we can offer a follow up via email or alternative print and mail any unread documents.
Latcham can handle your returned mail, email and web responses, capturing the information you require. We can store, return or securely destroy the items for you. We can use the resulting data to create/amend bespoke suppression files for the removal of gone-aways in future campaigns. We can also trigger follow in communication via print, mail, email, web and social media.
Latcham take business continuity and disaster recovery very seriously and has a detailed plan to effectively deal with any major incidents that would seriously impact on services. Full details of our business continuity plan is available on request.
Getting your mail smoothly into the postal system is a crucial step. We will work with your chosen supplier or, if you have no preference, offer a free postal audit to demonstrate how to minimise costs and improve delivery times by matching your requirements with the correct service and provider. See the Postal Solution section under solutions menu for more detail.


Secure warehousing and production environment for total peace of mind.

Flexibility to manage complex, short or long run fulfillment requirements.

Maintaining the integrity and compliance of your work through our quality control processes.

Consistently meeting agreed service levels.

Continual improvement and innovation to identify opportunities for reducing costs and enhanced efficiency.

Delivery of mail via the most cost effective postal provider.