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Hybrid Mail

Our Hybrid Mail uses next-generation print and mail management software in order to centralise the printing and fulfilment of everyday documents created. This in turn results in huge savings through bulk postal discounts and reduced operational costs, whilst also increasing staff productivity and document security.

Latcham Direct’s Hybrid Mail saves you money on every single mail, and you only pay for the number of documents that are actually processed through the system; that way there are no upfront software costs and you can start saving straight away.


How does it work?

  1. When letters are created by staff across your business they are printed to Latcham Directs’ Hybrid Mail, the solution automatically collects, checks, sorts and prepares the mails for centralised production needs.
  2. Once in the correct format, Latchams' HybridMail securely sends mail to be processed by our centralised production facility. Letters can even be sent as emails if this is the preference of your customer.
  3. The solution allows you to track exactly where each mailing is in the printing and delivery process. It then reports the status back to the sender as well as compiling the data into management reports.


Experts in digital, print

& marketing services

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Marketing Communications

  • Direct Mail
  • Personalised Digital Print
  • Finishing & Enclosing
  • Integrated Mobile, E-mail and Web
  • List & Data Processing
  • Personalised Membership & Loyalty Cards
  • Pick, Pack and Product Fulfilment
  • Campaign Management
  • Postal Management

Secure Document Fulfilment

  • Policy Documents
  • Contracts
  • Council Tax Billing
  • Ballots, Elections and IER
  • HR/Payroll
  • Cheques & Vouchers
  • Billing & Statements
  • Investment & Shareholder Communications
  • Digital Archiving and E-delivery
  • Full Tracking and Audit
  • Secure ISO 27001 Data Storage and Warehousing

Print Management

  • Full Range of Print Services
  • Creative Services
  • Stock Management
  • Detailed Reporting & Analysis
  • Dedicated Print Management Team
  • Web-to-Print
  • Hybrid Mail
  • Warehouse, Daily Call-Offs and Fulfilment
  • Postal Management

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