Postal Services


Latcham has the expertise to help you navigate your way around the UK’s complex postal market to find the best price for your delivery requirements.


Our client services team offer a free postal audit to demonstrate how to reduce costs and improve delivery times.


We will then manage all the administration for you, ensuring that the correct manifests, labels, and reports are submitted and checking postal service providers’ charges.


Using the latest data processing and composition tools to control every part of a document, our experienced data services team can handle all file types to help personalise your mail packs. We also provide a free health check to identify the quality of your data, then carry out any cleansing requirements such as Postcode Address File (PAF), de-duplication, “gone away” and deceased suppressions. Please find more details about our data processing services under Data Processing & Personalisation in the solutions section of this site.
We are able to provide advice to ensure that your mail packs are designed to maximize the available postage discounts from all carriers both UK and International.
We can automatically sort your mail to the correct postal sortation to maximise postal savings. Ideally we will pre-sort your data before printing and mailing commences, however, if this is not possible then we can machine sort and consolidate mail.
We can work with your preferred down stream service provider as well as offering our own approved service providers to leverage preferential rates, as part of our commitment to ensure that you benefit from the very best deal available.
Our client services team will manage the administration for you, and provide service level reporting against pre-determined SLA’s. We focus on delivering efficiency and quality every step of the process.
You can capitalise on our expertise of the complex postal market to source the very best postal solutions for your direct marketing campaigns, and take advantage of our negotiated volume discounts.
We can maximise your campaigns by calling off and dispatching your direct mail from our warehouse at the right time so that you can be sure that your content arrives on the specified day for maximum response.
We are able to personalise outer envelopes, either by utilising our read and print enclosing technology, which reads and matches the name on an enclosure and writes the corresponding name using ink jet technology onto the outer envelope to provide 100% integrity. Or we can also personalise envelopes using our printing technology.
Latcham can handle your returned mail, we can store, return or securely destroy the items for you. We can use the resulting data to remove gone-aways from future mailing or to trigger a further communication.


Saving you money on postage and distribution.

Enhancing service levels.

We find the best postal providers to meet your desired service levels and price.

Simplifying complex postal administration.