Security Print


Latcham has a dedicated secure storage and production facility for the print and fulfilment of sensitive and high value items including document, vouchers, cheques and secure products.


Latcham maintains ISO27001, C&CCC (APACS) and CLASS accreditation.


We provide secure storage for items of high value, for example, high street retail vouchers. We are able to fulfil these along with personalised communications in response to loyalty campaigns.
Latcham is able to produce cheques and secure documents that require magnetic ink character recognition (CMICR) printing. We have invested in leading technology that conforms to Cheques & Credit Clearing Company Standards.
We provide payroll printing services for a number of local government, goverment and private organisations. We are able to receive securely to process and print pay slips, and to manage the distribution to employees, either as a bulk delivery for internal distribution or via postal services. We have delivered a sophisticated secure e-payroll solution that enables employees to view their pay slips via a secure web portal, negating the need for printing and posting, delivering significant saving on postal costs. All payslips can also be held in a secure document archive for future reference by permitted members of your HR and Finance department. This can be particularly useful where payroll is run centrally but then distribute to individual organisation. Local authorised staff within each organisation can then be granted access only to the part of the payroll which is relevant to them. All payroll data is held securely within our secure data centre and is subject to very strict access control.
Latcham provides a 10,000sq ft hand fulfillment department for the insertion of complex items that can’t be machine enclosed or are specifically suited to hand enclosing due to their complexity.
Security is a high priority and our business is protected 24/7 with internal and external CCTV monitoring, intruder alarm systems.
With card controlled entry gates and turnstiles, remote monitoring, and access control with card and security pin door entry throughout the site (restricted by job role) we are confident we comply with the most stringent industry requirements.
We have 23,000 sq ft of secure warehousing space, which can hold 2,800 individual location-coded pallets of stock. With security perimeter fencing, card controlled entry gates and turnstiles, 24/7 internal and external CCTV monitoring. We have capacity to store around 15-17 million A4 pages in electronic archives.
In line with our Environment Quality Management System, we place all confidential waste containing personal information into secure and locked bins throughout our production process. These bins are emptied daily and the contents securely shredded using our in-house shredding facility. As part of our ISO 14001 accreditation, we have contracts with certified waste management companies who manage the disposal process in line with all regulatory and legal requirements. A complete audit trail and certification can be provided.


On site dedicated secure storage and production environment to give you piece of mind.

Flexibility to manage your simple, complex, short or long run fulfilment requirements.

Latcham fulfilment team has experience in handling secure work and are subject to security screening.

Maintaining the integrity and compliance of your work through our accredited quality control processes.

Consistently meeting your agreed service level.

Continual improvement and innovation to identify opportunities to reduce costs and enhance efficiency.

Flexibility to manage your simple and complex, short or long run fulfillment requirements.