Our Values

Latcham is a successful and profitable business founded on core values of integrity, trust, and respect, in a customer centric and performance driven culture.

We have a talented team united in a mission to provide the best customer service, where accountability and a commitment to quality is central to our purpose. We work with our colleagues, suppliers, customers, stakeholders, local community and others who interact with us in a way that demonstrates our flexible approach, our commitment to quality, our desire to build successful relationships, and our continuous improvement and team development.

Green Sustainability We are committed to continuously reducing our impact on the environment and deploying sustainable practices in our business. We demonstrate our green credentials and commitment to resource efficiency and waste reduction through our attainment of the internationally recognised Environmental management standard ISO 14001.
We have a strong sense of community and giving back  We actively support various charities through Quartet Community Foundation and What’s Right. We appraise and review how best we can support our local community in the best way possible.
Low Carbon Champion As winners of the West of England Low Carbon Awards, we demonstrated savings in excess of 10% in our energy bill, and our energy savings and carbon reductions were scrutinised by leading environmental experts.
Living Wage We have proudly implemented the Living Wage, which is an hourly rate set independently and updated manually, and is chosen by employers on a voluntary basis.
Bristol Green Capital Latcham Direct supports the Bristol Green Capital Partnership initiative. Bristol has been awarded the European Green Capital status for 2015 and we are committed to helping Bristol achieve its environmental objectives. These objectives were focused on transport, food, water, resources and energy,

We invite you to see our commitment to our values in action, if you would like to work with us or want to find out more, please contact us on 0845 241 1362

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Carbon Challenge

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